terms & conditions

Twosomewanderluster is manage by a French couple and which purpose are : to share travel impressions with articles, to give some Parisian good plans and places to visit by articles, and to show how you can work with us. 

Twosomewanderluster :

  • You and us : you is define as a customer, or a reader, and us are define as twosomewanderluster. We have all the legal authorizations and insurances to perfom the businesses of : communication and marketing strategy, website and content creation, and photoshoots.

  • SIREN : 904 901 840 - Johanna Liscio

  • Headquarter : 45 rue Gabrielle, 75018 Paris

I - The services : 

Paris photoshoot :

Twosomewanderluster offers shooting photo in Paris and around. This service is generally designated as a "photoshoot".

a) The classic duration of a photoshoot is at minimum one hour (1 hour), and a maximum of three hours (3 hours). 

b) If you want a photoshoot of more than three hours, for a particular event (in case of wedding for example) or something else, you'll need to ask for an estimation (quote and/or invoice).

c) The photoshoot must be book at least twenty-four hours in advance (24 hours) and the place, numbers of persons, must be define and agreed by both parties. 

d) We can provide accessories during your photoshoot if you make a demand at least seventy-two hours (72 hours) before. By accessories, we are meaning : beret, flowers, balloons, pastries or candles. These accessories will be paid as extra. 

e) We are sending more than three-hundred pictures (raws) and ten edited for one hour of shooting. We guarantee the number of 300 raws and 10 edited shots, except if : our camera had a problem during the shooting, or in force majeure case (attack, earthquake or others...). All the pictures will be send in high resolution. 

f) All the pictures will be send maximum three days after the shooting, that-is-to-say seventy-two hours after the shooting. However, it is 3 "working days", which means that if you are doing your photoshoot a tuesday, you'll receive all your pictures maximum the friday. But, if you are doing your photoshoot on friday, you will receive your shots the next wednesday.

g) We are sending pictures with a we transfer link, available during one week (1 week). We do not have a partnerhsip with we transfer company. 

h) We are providing you the possibility of asking us a link to download your pictures maximum three weeks after your photoshoot. We will keep your pictures during all this time. For example, if you are on holidays, and you can't (not enough space on your device) or don't have time to download your pictures, we can give you a link 3 weeks after seing each other. These are not 3 working days weeks, and this must be ask and speak with us at maximum the day of our photoshoot.

i) We can ask you to sign an image rights document, to ask you if it is possible to use your images in a commercial way, as : publish them on our website, promote our photoshooting on our social media, or others possibilities 

j) You can use pictures of your photoshoot in any ways you want, apart if you want to promote a product or service or if you have a blog, you need to mention us and give us the credit. 

Website and content creation :

a) You need to contact us, by e-mail or telephone, to explain your project, deadlines and needs. 

b) We have the right to refuse to work for you, for different reasons, that we will give you.

c) You have the right to give us credit for your website creation, advertising, or content creation we are producing. 

Collaborations :

a) A brand-influenceur collaboration is one where brands provide some incentives to influencers to create and post content for them. This could be a product review, recommendation, promotion, or simply a brand mention. 

b) We have the right to accept or refuse a collaboration. The collaboration will be negotiate by a contract. 

II - The payment : 

Paris photoshoot :

The payment can only be paid by cash when the photoshoot is completed. Payment by credit card or cheque after the photoshoot is not possible. A receipt will be given to you at the end.

Website and content creation :

a) We provide  an estimation of your project with a quotation. Our quotation is available during one month (1 month). 

b) We ask for 50% of the payment at the begining and 50% when the project is over. 

c) The payment can be made by bank transfert or bank check. We do not accept the cash payment if the price is higher than nine hundred ninety-nine euros (999 euros). 

d) We are sending you an invoice at the end 

Collaborations :

a) We can accept any collaborations without any financing. It can be collaborations by testing an hotel, an activity, and enjoy it free of charge. 

b) If there is a contract, and you need to pay us for a collaboration, we ask for 50% of payment before the collaboration and 50% at the end, by bank transfert or check, or by cash if the amount is at maximum nine hundred ninety-nine euros (999 euros). 

III - Claims : 

Any claims can be made by e-mail at : twosomewanderluster@gmail.com or by letter to : Johanna Liscio 45 rue Gabrielle, 75018 Paris, France.

E-mail : twosomewanderluster@gmail.com

Tel : +(33) 6 89 92 66 80

Address : Johanna Liscio - 45 rue Gabrielle, 75018 Paris, France.